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on the following pages we would like to inform you about our doctor’s office for general medicine and psychotherapy in Offenbach am Main. We place great emphasis on professional and expert advice and a successful therapy according to current state of medicine. Take a little time and learn more about us.

Dr. Shakoor Mahmoodzada


Body and soul as a medical unit

I represent a holistic image of man. Plato (400 BC), prompted the physicians of his time to look at the people as a whole. Today this idea is called psychosomatic medicine in the medical community. Psychosomatics, the doctrine of mind-body relationship assumes that there is a close interaction between the two, so that mental influences could affect the body and make it organically ill. Conversely, serious physical diseases can have adverse effects on the mind (psyche).

From my standpoint as a general practitioner it means that for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, all factors such as biological, psychological and environmental have be taken into account.  Prerequisite for the success of a treatment in our practice is the willingness of patients to participate actively in their treatment. We assume that in the broadest sense “illness ” is a failed or ineffective attempt of patients to preserve their inner and outer balance and well -being. To this end, here is an example: when our body is infected with bacteria, we do not necessarily get sick but only when our coping strategies fail. This insight requires a holistic approach to disease.

With respect to the applied treatment method, I am well aware that for many problems there is no satisfactory answer as of yet in the field of modern medicine. I am also aware of the fact that traditional medicine may have answers to these problems and are being increasingly accepted by the medical profession. I prefer, therefore, a pragmatic treatment concept with respect to those methods which have withstood scientific scrutiny. At the same time I am ready to resort to other methods of treatment  if plausible and desired by the patients.

In psychotherapeutic treatments I think that none of the methods commonly used today are a cure for all disorders. I therefore prefer an eclectic approach in psychotherapy. I will resort, as by my assessment, to psychodynamic, humanistic (e.g. transactional analysis), autogenic training and hypnosis techniques.


Medical insurance card – Please always bring your medical insurance card with you if you are visiting for the first time in a quarter. The quarters begin as mentioned below:

1st Quarter
01. January to 31. March

2nd Quarter
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3rd Quarter
01. July to 30. September

4th Quarter
01. October to 31. December


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